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            ReYuze Cases was founded by Jack Foley during his Junior year of High School. ReYuze's mission was to save the world case by case. Specifically targeting the plastic collection struggle in the country of Haiti, ReYuze, managed to give jobs to Haitians and Americans. As Jack went to college ReYuze moved their office to an incubator on Ohio Wesleyan University's campus. Expanding its business into the Columbus, Ohio area. ReYuze Cases appeared in magazines, radio shows, and newspapers. The most notable being The Columbus Dispatch. Jack has moved his focus towards creating new ventures that can have an even greater impact on our world.​ ReYuze Cases removed approximately 2,000 pounds of HDPE plastic out of the ocean cycle. In addition, helped over 20 Haitian families with your kind donations. Don't worry, our cases are still for sale, at a liquidation price of $6, on our shop page.

Thank you for everything,

Jack Foley

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